Shannon Lynn, Canadian Pageant Winner 2009

“It has been just over three months now that I’ve started back on Body Beautiful Wellness Centres treatments  (TBT Contouring Wrap  and the Eurowave), and I’m loving the results! While in Santa Monica  for the Annual Red Cross’ Red Tie Affair, I had the opportunity to have a  wrap done at Gentle Wellness Center on Broadway and have lunch with  Body Beautiful Canada’s Director Helen Hodgson while she was in town!  With another 10 inches off, my total inch loss to date is close to 70  inches. I fit perfectly into my Ema Savahl Couture dress!” “I figure that by continuing to use the Body Beautiful products, over  the next month or so, I will be back to my usual pre-baby self! I will  keep you updated!” 

Melanie McC. Vancouver, BC.

 I’m a 51 year old mother of 2 kids.  I’m fit and train at one of the  following every day…cardio, weights and power yoga.  Even with all this  exercise and a fairly heathy diet, i have never been able to lose my  spare tire around my belly.  Its been crunched, stretched and burned,  but never has it changed.  The change appeared when I went and  experienced the Eurowave Pro treatment at Body Beautiful.  After one 18  minute session, there was a measurable difference in my waist line.  I  have now completed 14 treatments and am back to bikini wearing and  mid-drift showing!  my teenager thinks that sort of shirt is  “inappropriate” for a woman my age, but hey, at this age, I know my  assets!!  can’t wait to hit the beach and feel confident walking around  and swimming in the sea!! 

Michael, R. Lee MD, FACEP

 “I came  with my wife and kids and stumbled upon Eurowave. At  that time I was suffering from a chronic, stabbing pain in my back that I  had had for many years. I became a convert after our first session. I  actually felt this persistent, intractable back pain melt away during  that session and the blissful, pain-free status remained for several  hours after the treatment. Our second session gave complete relief for a  full 24 hours and the subsequent sessions stopped the pain for days and  then eventually weeks. You can imagine that I as a medical doctor have  tried all of the conventional treatments for my problem. Yours was by  far and away the most effective and I wish to thank you for the relief  you have given me.” 

Veenita S. Vancouver,BC.

Fabulous wellness centre.  Friendly professional discrete staff, who  truly take the time to understand your goals and obstacles, to help  guide you to your ultimate goals.  They will be your greatest advocate. 

Navneet M. Vancouver,BC.

I truly love their services. Very kind and attentive staff. They have  made it possible to lose both weight & inches of my body. Newly  addition of Sauna is awesome. Highly recommend their services. Give them  a try,  you will also start loving yourself. 

Georgina L. Vancouver,BC.

This is the best wellness center I have been to in Vancouver. ... Sarah  is the most professional technical wellness person I know ...with her  awesome Senior wellness coach  Katherine and amazing Wellness coach Shawna. ..I  enjoy that they take the time to explain and their smiles... I love all  three of them...